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Tomorrow is Earth Day!

We know the importance of the emerging topic of ESG – environmental, social and governance. In the property management and corporate world, this is important. Our VP of Sales, Beth Bencivenni, sat down with Anthony Mocarski to talk about how RestoreCore is working to make a positive environmental impact with what they do best – restoring homes, businesses, and lives.

Anthony is a RestoreCore employee with 7 years of success under his belt working on and managing some of the biggest property disasters our clients have ever faced. He works in one of our busiest offices – King of Prussia, PA.

B: What kind of “green” chemicals does RestoreCore use, and what do they do?

A: Benefect Decon 30 is the closest to a “green” chemical we use. We primarily use this on water and mold jobs where those with sensitivities request a more specific product.  As the professionals on site, we are relentless when it comes to using the right product for the specific situation.

“Benefect products use Thyme Oil that has been specially grown & blended to exacting specifications. This groundbreaking botanical technology is proven to kill over 99.99% of bacteria and surpasses the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s efficacy requirements for broad spectrum hospital disinfectants.” Here is a link for more information:

B: Are there any mitigation techniques that you train your team to use, that impact energy usage in a positive way?

A: Minimal power draws from the machines. They designed the equipment, specifically, with that in mind.  Obviously, each piece of equipment requires certain specifications to operate machines at full potential. Ideally, we follow the IICRC standards when it comes to equipment usage.  Some jobs call for more and others less and it is all dependent on the situation.  The perfect scenario in disaster restoration doesn’t exist, but we commit to doing our absolute best to maximize our efforts when remediating.

B: How do you protect your team when they are dealing with hazardous materials and hazardous conditions?

A: One of RestoreCore’s Core Values is to Be Safe, and having a One Team mentality, we take worker’s safety very seriously.  We have a Safety Committee, and through this, we provide our technicians with training both in house and through classes online, or face to face.  We have a quarterly asbestos awareness training course. In addition, most- if not all, of our technicians are either taking or have completed an OSHA 10-hour course. Technicians are supplied with a PPE bag with everything they could need.  We do a weekly check to make sure all pieces are in working condition and restock consumable items.  RestoreCore is lead certified and a few higher-level techs and Project Managers have taken the class and can run crews on sites that require lead abatement.  Anything Asbestos related is addressed by a Licensed Abatement Contractor.

B: How do you protect the environment when it’s time to dispose of the hazardous materials that you mitigate from a job site?

A: Another Core Value at RestoreCore is to Care Deeply. About the people we help and serve, and also about the surrounding environment of our job sites and offices.  Depending on the type of material, a licensed contractor either removes hazardous materials (ex: asbestos), or we bag and remove items from the site to dispose of them offsite.  We ensure proper protocols are followed to reduce any cross contamination.  Our goal is to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the people we encounter, as well as our team members. 

B: What about any environmentally friendly methods of disposal of contaminated building materials?

A: We receive approval for the waste we collect and dispose of in large 30 yard roll off dumpsters at each of our 6 locations. These are filled and swapped weekly (sometimes, multiple times).  Any waste regulated due to the kind of materials, or type of contamination, becomes disposed of at an appropriate facility.  All regulated waste is gathered by sub-contractors that are licensed to remove the specific waste.  For all other items (like hydraulic fluid from an elevator pit, oil spills, asbestos containing materials, freon in refrigerators, etc.), an approved vendor/contractor to follow property industry disposal methods to remove waste.

Thanks for joining us today, as we celebrate Earth Day! Our mission is to provide the best service possible in the property restoration world. We continue to commit to finding ways to care deeply about our surrounding communities and the world, we live in.

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