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As one who has spent his whole career, professionally and as a volunteer, I will tell you that the level of service and performance across the board has been outstanding. RestoreCore did an outstanding job of communication with me through the entire process.


DePaul Group

RestoreCore has solid answers for all of my concerns. Very few vendors make me feel like they ARE really taking care of everything.


Scully Company

RestoreCore’s quick response, knowledge and good working relationship with the Erie Insurance adjusters allow our agency to feel confident that our clients are being taken care of.


Farnham Insurance

When I refer RestoreCore, I know my customers will receive fast, responsive service with professional and quality workmanship, every time.


Alan Hostetler Insurance

I trust my clients to RestoreCore because in 13 years of referring, I have no complaints from my customers. If a small issue arises, it is taken care of right away with one phone call. Also, after the job has been completed, I do not get any complaints over workmanship.


Strock Insurance