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Since 1979, RestoreCore has been helping families and businesses recover from water damage, fire damage, mold and more. We’re here to help 24/7/365 with your remediation, clean up and restoration needs.

Commercial Loss

When disaster strikes in the form of fire, storm, flooding, sinkhole, roof leaks, or winter damage, property owners and managers turn to RestoreCore and can expect a prompt, effective response.

Mold Remediation

For most people, the thought of having black mold in their home or building is terrifying. Mold and mildew can cause significant indoor air qaulity problems.

Water Damage

Whether water damage causes simple inconvenience or dramatic loss, change disrupts life. We have specialists ready to respond to both commercial and residential water losses.

Fire Damage

Whether a fire and smoke catastrophe causes simple inconvenience or dramatic loss, change disrupts life. We provide expert fire restoration and repair for residents in our service area, responding 24/7 after a fire emergency.

When disaster strikes

Whether you need fire damage repair, water damage clean up, mold remediation or smoke removal, we are ready to help 24/7/365, and have been for over 28 years.

We maintain clear and consistent communications with our clients and apply proven, state-of-the-art techniques to restore homes, businesses, and lives. Fast.

Every member of the RestoreCore team is completely committed to the efficient and consistent delivery of superior disaster restoration services for business owners and residents in Philadelphia and throughout PA, NJ, MD and DE.

Through our SecureCore division, we also provide clients with disaster planning tools, onsite disaster management, and online disaster plans through cloud-based software. Our customized, actionable plans are built around each individual business’s requirements to provide the most up-to-date, accurate information when and where it’s needed most.

Our four principles of safety, quality, teamwork, and professionalism lay the foundation for RestoreCore to achieve our ultimate goal of building our clients’ trust. Our offices in King of Prussia, Harrisburg, and Allentown, PA and Edison, NJ allow us to respond quickly to our customers in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, central Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. Learn more about our smoke, fire and water damage restoration services and what makes us a leading provider of disaster restoration services in PA, DE, MD, and NJ.