Biohazard Clean Up

There are some messes that simply are not safe for your team to handle alone. Our Infectious Control Certified Technicians are here to help.

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Biohazard Clean up

Here For Your Biohazardous Remediation & Cleaning Needs in the Mid-Atlantic Region

From crime scene cleanup and bodily fluids to viruses and pathogens, there are certain substances that must be managed by trained professionals. Your team should never assume the liability or risk exposure to hazardous materials – for their safety and the safety of anyone else in your home or building.

RestoreCore has more than 45 years of experience performing biohazard remediation services. With a team of expert technicians trained and certified in Infections Control (ICRA) and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, we know how to protect your people and your property.

We also recognize the trauma and extreme stress often associated with these situations. Our team is trained to provide not just the services to address the situation but also the empathy to help you through a challenging time.

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