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Fire Prevention at Home and Work

Imagine it is 10pm on a Tuesday and you are standing outside watching flames engulf your home or property as smoke billows into the air. You know that all of your possessions are being destroyed by the flames, and you wish you could do something to make it stop. OR,...

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Backyard Safety for Summer Fun

Summer is a great time to get your family and friends together and enjoy some outdoor fun. With the weather at its peak, there’s lots of ways you can spend time outside right at home. Summer means grilling, bonfires, and more, but these activities come with inherent...

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New SecureCore Website

Our SecureCore division recently launched a brand-new website and we wanted to share it with our customers! RestoreCore’s offerings aren’t just for after a disaster, we want to help you prepare for the worst and that’s where SecureCore comes in. SecureCore...

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Thank You!

The beginning of the year brought about a hurried and intense season for our restoration company. With a litany of unpredictable weather including a seesaw of cold and ice into warm days and back, the RestoreCore team had their hands full with a surge in restoration...

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