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COVID-19 Disinfection & Sanitization Services

We’re all looking forward to when the days of face masks, social distancing, and exploring disinfection services are behind us, but as coronavirus numbers continue to climb and we learn more about the disease each day, that time may, unfortunately, be a ways off. The...

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When Should You Call A Restoration Company?

Do you know when to call a restoration company? The answer may surprise you. Many property managers are under the assumption that they only need to contact a restoration company like RestoreCore in the event of significant property damage, such as following a major...

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What Are Some Common Signs of Mold?

When water damage occurs, it often leaves some telltale signs. However, with multifamily dwellings, those red flags can be a bit harder to spot. Property managers aren’t in the space full-time, so common signs of mold in an apartment—especially in carpets, which may...

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Fire Prevention at Home and Work

Imagine it is 10pm on a Tuesday and you are standing outside watching flames engulf your home or property as smoke billows into the air. You know that all of your possessions are being destroyed by the flames, and you wish you could do something to make it stop. OR,...

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