Cultivating a Superior Workplace: Why Top Talent Picks RestoreCore for a Fulfilling Career in Restoration

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In an ever-evolving job market, the importance of setting a clear and compelling vision for prospective employees cannot be understated. RestoreCore prides itself on its mission: to be unparalleled in the restoration industry, not just as a service provider but as a stellar workplace.

The commitment to this vision goes beyond just offering jobs; it’s about carving out genuine career opportunities for those passionate about making a difference. Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Beth Bencivenni, recently sat down with our Talent Acquisitions Manager, Lindsay Baugher, to discuss RestoreCore’s approach in finding top-tier talent – individuals who are ready to embrace the dynamic journey of not just a job, but a rewarding career.

As RestoreCore’s recruiter, you must be doing over 100 screening calls per week! In your conversations with applicants, what are the best applicants looking for?

Oh, you bet! I’m chatting with top-tier applicants like crazy! The best ones are on the hunt for more than just a job. They’re looking for a place where they can showcase their skills, be part of a tight-knit team, and grow both personally and professionally. They want a company that cares about their well-being and creates a positive work environment; and at RestoreCore, we’ve got all that and more! 

We talked and wrote about it last year, it was truly a hot topic: The Great Resignation…. how has the great resignation changed recruiting?

This movement has truly shaken up the recruiting world, and we’re loving it! It’s made us work even harder to create an irresistible workplace culture and offer exciting growth opportunities. We’re now focused on showcasing what makes RestoreCore stand out. We’ve seen a shift towards candidates prioritizing work-life balance, career development, and a sense of purpose. So, we’re not just recruiting, we’re inviting people to join the RestoreCore family and be part of our journey.

Back to the Great Resignation: What’s better about today than a year ago, in recruiting and hiring?

Today, we’re focusing on creating authentic connections with candidates. We’re all about getting to know the person behind the resume, their passions, and what truly drives them. Recruiting and hiring are more dynamic today than ever. We’ve learned from the challenges and adapted to the new normal.

People overlook restoration as a “trade” industry or field. Lots of our applicants can get job-relevant training here, and we even offer an “expert” or “master” track of employment. Given the change of the workforce landscape post-COVID, have you seen an increase in applicants looking for “trade” roles? Why do you think that is?

Restoration is a hidden gem in the job market, no doubt about it! And you know what’s even more exciting? We’ve seen a surge in applicants eyeing those “trade” roles with passion and curiosity. With the shift in the workforce landscape post-COVID, people are looking for stable and essential industries. Restoration ticks all the boxes, offering job security, skill-building, and the chance to be real-life heroes! People are realizing the power of their hands-on skills and how they can make a real impact.

So, how can someone working in a “trade” grow their career? Also, how can someone grow at RestoreCore?

Oh, I’m thrilled you asked! Working in a “trade” role at RestoreCore opens up a world of possibilities! We’re all about empowering our team to grow their careers. They can climb the ladder by exploring our “expert” and “master” tracks, where they’ll gain additional certifications and skills through the IICRC by taking classes like “Water Restoration Technician”, “Advanced Structural Drying” and so on…. giving them everything they need to know about water damage, mold remediation and fire restoration to become the best in the restoration business.

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