Why Did FEMA earmark September as National Preparedness Month?

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Ever heard of National Preparedness Month? It’s a special time every year in September when we focus on getting ready for all kinds of emergencies. But where did it come from, and why is it so important? Let’s take a closer look.

Who Started National Preparedness Month and how?

There’s a government organization called FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) that helps when major things happen, like violent storms or other emergencies. FEMA realized that everyone, including kids, grown-ups, and businesses, should know what to do in an emergency. So, in 2004, they started National Preparedness Month. This was after some big events, like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, showed that being ready, and prepared for disasters, can make a huge difference.

How does this help people in emergencies?

FEMA wants everyone to know how to stay safe during emergencies. To quote FEMA directly from their website:

“National Preparedness Month is an opportunity to share emergency preparedness information and host activities across the country to help Americans understand what it truly means to be ready.”

What does FEMA hope we’ll do?

Learn: Find out what you should do in an emergency, like where to go or who to call. Also, find out how to handle major water damage and what to do in case of a fire.

Work Together: Schools, businesses, and neighbors can help each other get ready.

Stay Confident: Knowing what to do can make you feel brave and safe, even when disasters are at hand.

Keep It Up: Above all, being prepared isn’t just for one month. We should always be ready and keep our emergency and disaster plans updated.

Pro Tip: To learn more, visit FEMA’s website. They have lots of cool tips and info! Click here for: FEMA.gov and Ready.gov.

To Wrap Up

National Preparedness Month reminds us to always be ready for unexpected events. We can all help keep our families and friends safe by planning ahead. Remember, it’s always better to be prepared!

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