5 Things You Should Know About The Insurance Claim Process

Have you just experienced a water loss at your home or property, and don’t know where to begin? Does navigating an insurance claim intimidate you? You are not alone!! As a company that specializes in emergency services and turnkey restoration, we have worked on a few thousand insurance claims in our time – and what […]

Really Devastating Emergencies: How to respond to a multifamily building fire

Q&A with a restoration first responder, who has more than a decade of experience  The US averages over one million residential fires per year, with roughly 30% of those happening in multifamily buildings.   If you are a property manager in the US, more than likely you have faced a fire in one of your buildings… […]

Fire Prevention at Home and Work

close up of a fire extinguisher

Imagine it is 10pm on a Tuesday and you are standing outside watching flames engulf your home or property as smoke billows into the air. You know that all of your possessions are being destroyed by the flames, and you wish you could do something to make it stop. OR, better yet, that you could […]