Recently, a fire destroyed one of our client’s properties, displacing residents. Our fire and water restoration team in PA met with the client to ensure that all needs were being met. It was then that our client informed us of the struggle to find its displaced residents temporary housing. Our client detailed that the most difficult part of the entire fire event was seeing children getting off the school bus to learn they no longer had a home. Upon evaluating the desperate need for new housing, our team leapt into action and began making phone calls to assist our client. Through networking and client relationships, our fire and water restoration team in PA was able to put our client in contact with an organization that helped find new housing for the displaced residents. Though this wasn’t a part of our contract with our client, our dedication to customer service took over and we committed to lending an additional hand during a trying situation.

Handshake from fire damage restoration in Harrisburg Pa

Thankfully, our network of valued customers was able to assist during this time of need. While our number one goal is to restore our clients lives to pre-disaster status, our commitment to customer service and going above and beyond goes hand in hand.