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We’re all looking forward to when the days of face masks, social distancing, and exploring disinfection services are behind us, but as coronavirus numbers continue to climb and we learn more about the disease each day, that time may, unfortunately, be a ways off. The stress and anxiety of the pandemic have taken their toll on all of us, but for anyone who has responsibility for a property, it’s important to weather those challenges and remain vigilant in order to protect the health of your residents.

COVID-19 Safety Tips by Property Type

RestoreCore’s disinfection service can support that aim, with a range of solutions designed to expertly assess risk and address any problem areas. In addition to calling in the experts, keep these tips in mind to prioritize the safety of your residents at these types of properties:

1. Multifamily residences

Research has shown that COVID-19 can spread through micro-droplets in the air and common areas, including hallways, stairwells, lobbies, and community rooms may be high-risk areas for transmission. Property managers and owners should be aware of and consider high-traffic common areas as they develop their safety strategies. For instance, in multifamily residences, keep windows open in common areas to keep fresh air flowing, and encourage residents to do the same. Perform regular maintenance on the ventilation system as well to ensure proper airflow. Learn more about building an operations and maintenance plan in multifamily residences.

2. Condos

Similarly, at condo properties, the common areas should be a focal point. Condo residents often gather in common areas to take advantage of their property’s luxury amenities, so such spaces should be reconfigured to allow for social distancing. Reposition seating, hang signage requesting residents stay six feet away from one another, and discourage congregating. Review more helpful information about O&M plans for condo buildings.

3. Senior and residential care facilities

Seniors are among the most at-risk populations when it comes to developing serious complications from COVID-19, so facilities staff at properties that specifically serve elders need to be even more cognizant of safety precautions. All employees should be properly trained on protocol and expected to model safe practices for all residents.

4. Commercial businesses

RestoreCore’s office disinfection services can be an integral part of a return-to-work strategy for workplaces looking to get back to business. To keep the protection going throughout the workweek, many offices are requiring employees to wear face masks for both their and their co-workers’ safety. Such measures can reduce transmission risk and alleviate liability for employers. View more information about creating an effective business re-occupancy plan.

No matter the type of property you manage, RestoreCore’s disinfection services—which involve an Ultra Low Volume fogging application and hand-wiping application of an EPA-registered, commercial-grade disinfectant—can be tailored to your specific space and needs. For instance, some clients have taken a proactive approach to COVID, such as a municipal building that contracted with us for daily cleaning, a multifamily residential client that has scheduled cleaning of common areas once a week, and others that are utilizing our services to sanitize areas before employees return. Other organizations prefer a more reactive approach, calling RestoreCore in for treatments in the event of a confirmed or suspected case of COVID on site.

Regardless of which strategy your business is pursuing, having a plan in place to protect and prioritize your residents is essential, as we all eagerly await the safe return to our new normal. Contact RestoreCore and discover how our restoration company can help you.

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