When Should You Call A Restoration Company?

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Do you know when to call a restoration company? The answer may surprise you.
Many property managers are under the assumption that they only need to contact a restoration company like RestoreCore in the event of significant property damage, such as following a major fire or multi-unit flooding. However, it’s always in your best interest to call a professional to discuss restoration services that can help mitigate the damage throughout the property.

It’s important to know when to call a restoration company because what could appear to be an insignificant issue at first can quickly grow into a more serious problem. For instance, if one unit in a building suffers minor water damage, some property owners may think some simple cleanup will be sufficient; however, a restoration company needs to be called in order to fully address the water damage to prevent mold from growing. If mold is allowed to spread, more units could be at risk and the health of residents could be called into question, leading to major costs and potential liability.

Small chemical spills likewise can’t be treated with a simple mop and soapy water. RestoreCore provides expert restoration services to ensure any biohazard is safely and swiftly removed. Expert deodorization is another service that can be needed, such as after a small fire. Opening windows and airing out units cannot effectively manage pervasive smoke damage; in that case, you need trained professionals who can treat the source and ensure damage is entirely addressed.

RestoreCore is a certified restoration company with a team of experts trained to identify the problem, mitigate the damage and get your property back to normal in no time. No property owner wants to waste time or money, and with a partnership with RestoreCore, you don’t have to: You know exactly who to call if your property suffers damage, and you can trust that we’ll get the job done right—freeing you up to get back to the important work of managing your property.

Now that you know when to call a restoration company, we look forward to providing your organization with our expert assistance. Our primary service area includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, but if you’re outside of that region, our Restoration Affiliates program will refer you to a trusted restoration company right in your area.

Keep your property safe, your residents satisfied and your business moving forward. Contact RestoreCore today.

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