One of the benefits of being a landlord is that you don’t have to live on-site in order to do your job well. Some property owners choose to house management staff on-site or close by, but for others, it’s simply not feasible. Whether you’re the long distance landlord of an individual property, or you are part of a larger company with several properties to consider, managing from a distance comes with a few challenges. One of the major challenges is how to handle emergencies. Here you’ll find a few ways to not only make your job easier but also help keep your residents safe and happy.

  1. Find a Local Contact you Trust
    If you’re part of a large company, each property will likely have a manager to keep you apprised of what’s going on; but if you’re an individual long distance landlord, this might mean simply a close friend or family member you can trust. The best way to handle emergencies is to avoid them in the first place. So if your property(ies) can have eyes and ears open constantly for potential safety hazards, you can keep on top of repairs and reduce your risk for dangerous surprises. Oftentimes, plumbing, electrical, and fire hazards can be detected early as part of maintenance plans.
  2. Keep in Touch with Residents
    Residents appreciate personal efforts by their landlords to check in on them, and it’s no surprise why. Everyone likes to feel like they’re being cared for. Even if you have a person or company handling routine maintenance, calling or emailing the renter every 2 to 3 months to check in on their general satisfaction with the property and how things are working is highly effective. Building a rapport with renters helps build the trust needed for honest feedback about problems they may be having with their utilities or with the availability of the on-site maintenance crew. Keeping an open line of communication is likely to not only keep you informed, but also help the renter have a satisfying rental experience.
  3. Bind Yourself to a Multi-Location Restoration Company
    Restoration companies, such as RestoreCore, are vital to preventing excessive damage to the property because they can be on the scene quickly to recover and restore your property after an emergency occurs. Smoke, mold, water, fire, you name it – a great restoration company will be licensed and insured, responsive, experienced in handling multiple types of disasters, and available 24/7. Even if your property is not located in RestoreCore’s service area, we can help you find a trustworthy local restoration company through our partnership with Restoration Affiliates. Having a relationship with a local restoration company ensures consistency in performance, quality, communication, and billing with your vendor, regardless of which property is using them. And using a mobile emergency management app like SecureCore can help you keep your disaster plans up-to-date and digitally accessible so that the emergency is handled appropriately by your on-site staff or trusted contact.

Even the most prepared property owner can get caught off guard by an emergency. Whether you’re an individual long distance landlord or part of a larger organization, having a solid emergency plan that includes a restoration company is essential to keeping your renters and property safe.

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