Mold Removal: DIY or Hire a Professional?

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Discovering mold inside your home can seem like just an unsightly inconvenience, but just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal. Mold inside your home is a serious condition. Chances are, you’ve either seen mold or suspected its hidden presence at some point and undoubtedly asked yourself how to remedy the situation yourself. Keep in mind that mold is not your typical home maintenance project. The decision to hire out for professional mold removal and remediation depends on a few key factors.

If it’s obvious where the moisture is coming from, and exactly how much mold there is, and you are familiar with the different types of mold, you may feel experienced enough to tackle this problem without calling for backup. However, mold is insidious, and it’s almost impossible to tell how big the growth actually is without a trained eye and special equipment. Without ripping up carpets, or looking deeper into walls, it’s almost impossible to really tell the scope of the problem. There are also several types of mold, each with varying degrees of toxicity. Some molds cause serious health problems that require eventual hospitalization. Certain people are more susceptible to severe reactions to mold exposure, such as those with allergies and asthma. However, even those not specifically allergic to molds, exposure can irritate the skin, eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. A person may experience sinus congestion, wheezing, difficulty breathing or chest tightness, a cough, or sneezing fits. Removal and remediation require safety-centric techniques as well as a thorough treatment to help prevent further problems.

Professional mold removal and professional mold remediation require meticulous care. There is prep work, the actual work, then additional measures to prevent further mold growth.

Professionals such as RestoreCore are trained to assess accurately, remove and remediate safely, and follow up with air cleaning and dehumidification to remove moisture from the air to prevent future mold growth. We also provide a full treatment of every surface and test to be sure that we’ve done the job right. Our founder has almost 50 years of experience and has earned expert status as a Master Plumber, Master Carpenter, and Master Electrician. When choosing a professional mold remediation team, it’s important to look for a company with well-rounded knowledge and expertise.

It may be tempting to simply paint over some ceiling mold, or hide that moldy under-the-carpet smell with some freshening agent, but the problem is only going to get worse. When there are so many unknowns, and the health and safety of your family are at stake, professional mold removal and remediation are probably the way to go.

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