Meet the RestoreCore Team as we Celebrate a Promotion – Kaitlyn Bowman, RestoreCore’s New Chief People Officer! 

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RestoreCore’s vision is to be known as the best place to work in the restoration industry. That requires a proactive, strategic, and sincere interest in our people. With this vision in mind, RestoreCore is proud to announce the promotion of Kaitlyn Bowman to Chief People Officer! As Chief People Officer, Kaitlyn is responsible for bringing that vision to life, through our HR strategy. To be the best, we need to find the best people, equip them with the best training, development, and advancement opportunities, and build the best culture. For RestoreCore to be the best, our people need to receive the best.  

Kaitlyn has been with RestoreCore for over 10 years and has held various roles from Executive Assistant to Inside Project Coordinator, Internal Operations Manager, Chief of Staff and now most recently: Chief People Office for RestoreCore, and our Managing Director for SecureCore.  

Want to get to know Kaitlyn? With an undergrad education from Penn State, Kaitlyn pursued a Master’s in project management with the goal of being able to better turn strategic communication into projects that put the idea into meaningful action. Like most people, Kaitlyn found her way to the restoration industry by accident, then fell in love with the business and is now here to stay! Outside of work, Kaitlyn is a mom to two adorable toddler boys, and she loves to cook, travel, draw, paint and read.  

We sat down and talked with Kaitlyn about her new role. We asked: what is the most impactful thing you have learned in your tenure here, that will help in your new role? Kaitlyn shared with us:  … “If I could sum it all up, it would be to acknowledge what you are passionate about and then be open to the unexpected opportunities given to you to explore that passion. In the moment, my career path felt disjointed but, looking back, it all makes so much sense. I’ve learned to trust my gut and speak up about things I feel passionate about…and then take whatever door opens to test it out, to make mistakes, and to learn from it and from the people along for the ride. I plan on using that same approach in my new role as we build out the strategic HR side of the company – and create something great for our people in the process”. 

In discussing what she is most excited about in her new role, Kaitlyn shared: “My dream has always been to work for a good company that does good things for good people…and I’ve found that in every role I’ve had at RestoreCore. That said, I’m excited to be able to turn that focus and mission towards our employees. Our team does so much good for the people we serve…they deserve a company that invests just as much “goodness” in them. And I’m so blessed to work for an owner and company that sincerely wants to do that”. 

Finally, we asked Kaitlyn what her goals are for her new position. She shared: “I want every employee to feel like they work for a company that truly cares about them and that wants to support their growth, not only as a professional but also as a person.  I want every employee to feel the same support, encouragement, empowerment, and opportunity that I’ve felt. It is what has kept me here for so long and why I plan on staying for a long time”. 

Drop Kaitlyn a line here:, and please join us in congratulating her on her new role! 

About RestoreCore: Restoring Homes, Businesses and Lives… since 1979, RestoreCore is a full-service disaster restoration solution that operates in NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC and VA.  

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