This month we’re putting the employee spotlight on our entire Lehigh Valley team. The Lehigh Valley team is extremely customer focused with years of experience in mold, fire and water restoration in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. When a claim comes in they do an excellent job of looking at the project through the customer’s eyes and recognizing that each situation is unique.

The Lehigh Valley team is comprised of:

  • Chris Lake, Branch Manager, Time of Service: 7 years
  • Aspen Deininger, Inside Project Coordinator, Time of Service: 6 years
  • Suzie Jacobs, Project Manager, Time of Service: 1.5 years
  • Bob Davidson, Estimator, Time of Service: 10 years
  • Aaron Foulk, Emergency Service Project Manager, Time of Service: 1.5 years
  • John Maines, Technician, Time of Service: 10 years
  • George Apostolopoulos, Time of Service: 6 months

Almost everyone on the team listed above has some contact with every project that comes through our doors. One of the key reasons that this team is so successful is that they know the process inside and out when it comes to performing a job successfully. Each team member knows which piece of the puzzle they are responsible for and performs at or above expectations every single time. Additionally, the Lehigh Valley team works very well together. If someone on the team is unable to complete their specific piece of the puzzle, another member eagerly steps in to help wherever needed.

The Lehigh Valley team is great at assessing what needs to be done on a project, building a plan to address the issues, and then completing the project to the customer’s satisfaction. When a customer comes to RestoreCore, they’re going through a very stressful time. The Lehigh Valley team routinely shows empathy in every situation to elicit the customer’s trust and deliver the ideal customer experience.

This team does a fantastic job overall in representing RestoreCore. The team gets along, works well with each other, and focuses on the customer’s needs. They help each other out and have no problems holding each other accountable when needed in order to complete a job successfully and to the customer’s satisfaction. The number one thing that makes the team successful is their commitment to customer service and their ability to deliver the ideal customer experience.

Thank you to our Lehigh Valley team for your exceptional service!