Special thanks to Kaitlyn Bowman, Manager of Project and Program Development, for this week’s blog post!

RestoreCore places an immense amount of value on the feedback we receive from our customers. Customer service is the cornerstone of all our damage, smoke, fire and water restoration in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. Sure, we’re a restoration company but more importantly, we are here to take care of customers in some of the most stressful, disruptive times of their lives. That’s why we use GuildQuality. GuildQuality is a third-party surveying company that we use to collect customer feedback – ensuring that we’re exceeding your needs on and off the job.

Using a third-party ensures that our customers feel comfortable providing honest feedback. We truly want to hear how we’re doing. Every survey we receive is sent immediately to our entire team, from our internal administrative and production teams, to our owners and executive team. Our owners and executive team review each and every survey to either recognize the teams invovled for a job well done or to identify an issue that requires resolution or that may inspire future training. RestoreCore recognizes that there will be challenges on jobs and – for one reason or another – a customer may not be fully satisfied. However, we firmly believe that how we respond to those concerns and make them right is crucially important. GuildQuality is a key part of that.

With our staff, we’re constantly reinforcing what we hear our customers telling us are the most important elements of satisfaction – proactive communication, timely follow through on promises made, respect of their homes or property, and quality of work. One of the biggest advantages of using GuildQuality is that it keeps the lines of communication open with the customer after the job has been completed. People say that what gets measured matters – and what matters gets measured. That is what GuildQuality helps us do. We have seen an incredible improvement in how our employees engage with our customers since using this service. We encourage our employees to leave not only a positive, but also a memorable, impression on our customers with each interaction.

We encourage our employees to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service so much so that RestoreCore started a GuildQuality Get-Away rewards program a couple of years ago. Each time an employee is mentioned by name on a positive survey, they’re entered into a monthly drawing for a gift card. At our annual company meeting, we collect all of the names mentioned in surveys throughout the year and pull one grand-prize winner. This employee receives an all-expense paid island vacation for two!

Though it helps to incentivize our employees to provide excellent customer service, it’s just an added bonus. Our customers feel cared for and valued. We know because of the feedback we receive. In addition, GuildQuality results inspire continuous education and training with our teams – how to demonstrate empathy, how to let the customer know we care about their home, apartment, or business space, and how to bring peace and calm to a very stressful situation. While RestoreCore employees are experts at the technical aspects of their work, it is equally important that we are experts at the human aspects of our job, too. GuildQuality helps us keep our own standards for excellent and memorable customer service high.

Customers are welcome to view our GuildQuality page to view customer feedback!  And, for excellent customer service for your restoration or damage removal project, contact us anytime.