One of the best ways to improve as a restoration company is to learn from others in the field. The Business Networks experience offers companies like RestoreCore to travel to similar-sized restoration companies in PA and throughout the country twice a year. During the event, the visiting team has the opportunity to constructively critique their host.

The host company opens up every aspect of their business to the group and the group gets to make suggestions on how they feel the restoration company in PA or surrounding states could get better providing an environment that is rich with honest and direct feedback.  One of the best parts of the experience is that you cannot make suggestions to the host company that another company in the group hasn’t already implemented.

For the most recent event, the RestoreCore team traveled to Peoria, IL, from April 29 to May 3. The team consisted of Adam Simone, Jeff Lincow (Director of Sales and Marketing), and Brian Mohan (Chief Operating Officer). As a founding member of the organization, RestoreCore has had the opportunity to participate in events like this for nearly 20 years.

“We always come back with fresh ideas and different ways of tackling our everyday problems,” said Adam. “One of the biggest benefits to the entire experience is getting to speak to people that live the same work life that you do and experience those same frustrations.”

For example, a group member from Florida might be able to explain how they combat repair estimates which could be a blind spot for your organization. By having focused and open discourse, members are able to improve each other’s operations or sales related issues.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to help our fellow group members when one of their development opportunities is something that we do well here at RestoreCore.”