5 Things You Should Know About The Insurance Claim Process

Have you just experienced a water loss at your home or property, and don’t know where to begin? Does navigating an insurance claim intimidate you? You are not alone!! As a company that specializes in emergency services and turnkey restoration, we have worked on a few thousand insurance claims in our time – and what […]

Fundamentals on how to avoid and respond to mold growth

Let’s start with a riddle: What is something that already exists everywhere in our natural world, but no one wants to EVER find in their property or home?   If you guessed MOLD – you guessed correctly. Mold is a naturally occurring fungi that grows on organic material. In order to grow, mold needs food sources, […]

How to Manage Emergencies For A Property That Is Not Located Nearby

set of house keys in a door lock

One of the benefits of being a landlord is that you don’t have to live on-site in order to do your job well. Some property owners choose to house management staff on-site or close by, but for others, it’s simply not feasible. Whether you’re the long distance landlord of an individual property, or you are […]

The Importance of Renters Insurance in the Event of a Disaster

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Today’s headlines seem to carry news of a natural or man-made disaster nearly every day. From hurricanes and flooding to common kitchen fires, these types of incidents significantly affect people all over the country. While it may seem that homeowners and their property are affected by these tragic events more often, the reality is that […]

6 Questions to Ask a Restoration Company

Though you may experience building damage from a disaster, whether it’s from smoke, water or something else, there’s always the potential for recovery. But if you’ve never been in this situation before, you might find yourself wondering what questions to ask a restoration company in order to make sure your expectations are met. That’s where […]

Mold Removal: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Discovering mold inside your home can seem like just an unsightly inconvenience, but just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal. Mold inside your home is a serious condition. Chances are, you’ve either seen mold or suspected its hidden presence at some point and undoubtedly asked yourself how to remedy the situation […]

Why You Should Hire a Restoration Contractor

If something disastrous has happened to your property, you might be doing research on the benefits of hiring restoration contractors or just going with a general contractor. While both have their own unique benefits, if you’ve suffered damage to your home or business and are in need of repair, going with a general contractor might […]

Preparing for Colder Temperatures

While warmer weather may still be hanging on, colder temperatures are just around the corner. Now is the time to start preparing your home or property for winter. Fall brings the start of school and the harvest season but it’s also a time for those located in colder climates to prepare for the long road […]

Freezing Pipes and Water Damage Prevention

Winter is here and when temperatures are below freezing, you run the risk of incurring water damage in Philadelphia and beyond through a dreaded burst pipe. Not only can a burst pipe cause water damage, it can create mold issues and loss of possessions as well. However, there are some steps you can take to […]

Preventing Kitchen Fires

Preventing Kitchen Fires The kitchen is the place that most household fires begin, with cooking being the number one cause of fires and fire injuries. As winter weather sets in, we’ll all be staying inside more and that means a higher risk of fire damage. To prevent having to call us for fire restoration in […]